Mr. Kumbirai Chimukupete

It was in July 2020 when Kumbirai Chimukupete Zimbabwe born and bred young entrepreneur heard of PAICTA and ever since then, he has grown in his lane of technopreneur and now his start-up business called UmojaLands is flourishing.

Referred by Ray, his university acquaintance to the organization, when he had just an idea that he didn’t know how to execute it, and was still on the lookout for opportunities, for funding and people who shares the same idea as his who understands his language and are willing to help him out. PAICTA became his refuge and played a big role in building him towards his technopreneur journey and self-growth, where he was virtually mentored and coached.

“PAICTA represents an honest run to organization where you are sure you going to get honest advice” Kumbi (Kumbirai Chimukupete)

Through the collaboration with PAICTA Kumbi now runs an established startup UmojaLands Zimbabwe an Agri-Fintec startup whose main aim is to capacitate rural and small-scale agriculture including the small holders who contribute to the global food basket, they have developed a system which de-risks lending to rural farmers. Basically, Umojalands offers 3 digital services to improve food security in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa through Land utilization access to finance for small holder farmers and advisory services on precision farming.

Kumbirai is now in the process of reviving the other group that he created which deals with the agriculture Internet Of Things IOT and is in partnership with Algorand, UCT financial Innovation Hub financial in Cape Town, South Africa that is very aggressive in trying to push the blockchain technology, just to mention few. PAICTA really served as an incubator to Kumbi

It is now clear that PAICTA is really a Pan African organization that does not only focus in South Africa, but the organization also looks-out for Africa as a whole. In Zimbabwe the organization has been in partnership with the Techhub that is based in Harare, which is a local incubator and accelerator that incubates young business professionals and they have done quiet an amazing job together in the technopreneur space. The organization is really thriving in making an impact in the tech environment.

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