PRDI is an independent not-for- profit organisation that advances research & development and innovation to have the ultimate impact on our society and economy. We work with Pan African youth to develop scientific and innovative solutions that positively impact communities across the African continent and beyond.

Our framework guides and encourages our researchers towards breakthrough scientific discoveries that drive impactful and evidence-based societal driven solutions. We believe that investing in research and development is crucial to the advancement of our society and economy. By working with young, talented individuals, we can foster the next generation of leaders in science and innovation.

Purpose of PRDI

The main purpose of PRDI is to advance research, development and innovation to have a positive impact on society and the economy. This will be achieved among other things through working with young, talented individuals to develop scientific and innovative solutions, and using a framework to guide and encourage researchers towards breakthrough discoveries that can drive impactful and evidence-based societal solutions.

Overall, the purpose of PRDI is to contribute to the advancement and progress of society and the economy through the promotion and support of research and development activities.


To be a world-renowned leader in research and development, driving positive change through innovatiove and evidence-based solutions.


  • To advance scientific and technological knowledge and understanding through cutting-edge research and development activities.
  • To work with talented young individuals and partner with leading organisations to develop innovative solutions that have a positive impact on society and the economy.
  • To use our expertise and resources to support and mentor the next generation of leaders in science and innovations.
  • To communicate the results and impact of our research and development activities to a wide audience, and to use this knowledge to inform policy and practice.
  • To seek out and secure funding opportunities to support our research and development activities and achieve our vision.


We define our success by the success of our partners and community stakeholders, working persistently towards shared goals and celebrating shared victories. We include and inspire others, share, and communicate openly, and celebrate success as one PDRI team.

We treat our partners, colleagues, and communities with an ethos of service that defies expectation. We bring a spirit of kindness and resolve to every interaction, always assuming positive intent and acting empathy.

We work tirelessly to discover new insights, innovative practices, and powerful impactful socio-economic solutions, We think creatively, pursue innovative ideas, and deliver excellence to positively change our community, nation, and world. Beyond discovery, we hwlp communities apply insights to accelerate progress and compel positive change. PDRI is a catalyst for community transformation.

We are not afraid of big goals, nor of the risks, challenges and failures required to achieve them. We celebrate the people, communities and efforts where extraordinary commitment yields extraorfinary results. We are honest, keep our commitments, and take responsibility for our actions and outcomes.

We are achievers and problem-solvers who act and operate with a strong sense of purpose. We favour courage over hesitation, and always act with forward progress in mind.

We bring ideas, data, and solutions together in unconventional ways to create transformative values. We build bridges, break silos, and prioritise the sucess of the whole over individual interests, We take personal responsibility for the safety, security, and well-being of ourselves, those around us, and our environment. We embrace diversity, value the perspectves and contributions of others, and act professionally towards all.

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