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The youth structure caters for pre-tertiary youth individuals and up to the age of 35. PAICTA strives to prepare aspiring youth and entrepreneurs to become fully-fledged IT qualified professionals in the challenging African continental workspace through various programs and workshops.
PAICTA Student Chapter ; Youth in Digital Era (“PAYiDE”) embodies the PAICTA mandate of “Developing IT professionals and leadership,” most specifically the youth, as they are a focal point to steer socio-economic transformation and sustain the Future of the African continent.

The youth chapter endeavours to support aspirant IT professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders, providing them with the necessary tools to develop their digital skills while educating them on socio-economic transformation and approaches to handle such challenges.

Non-profit association that teaches tech and entrepreneurship to underserved youth. We believe that teaching entrepreneurship instils leadership skills and critical thinking fosters confidence and creativity, promotes social and emotional heath and introduces teamwork as a necessary component of success, this is an opportunity for you to impart knowledge to plough back to the less fortunate.



  • Access to digital developmental and training programmes – some for free and other digital courses at preferential rates.
  • Members are kept abreast of continental digital events developments through various digital media channels.
  • Information on career opportunities is provided to members via PAICTA’s P2DL, P3AY system’s full life cycle tracking platform.
  • Participate in our Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programme, Internship programmes or mentee.
  • Opportunity to attend online conversations with other students in the global world.
  • Accelerated IT career development through mentoring / coaching by other members who are experts in your market/industry and academics that are advisors of the PAICTA board.
  • Opportunity to be a member of PAYiDE and PAWiDE chapters.
  • You will benefit from our news and communications, and free access to PAICTA events.


  • Individuals are keen to develop, study, or to be in the process of furthering their IT education at a registered institution of higher learning.
  • Need to subscribe to the values of the PAICTA.
  • Annual Membership Fee of: 00


  • Participate in conversation and workshops on 4IR digital inequality issues and non-inclusiveness of the sector that has detrimental socio-economic repercussions youth.
  • Opportunity for your voice to be heard on youth unemployment challenges on the continent.
  • Develop and hone your leadership skills by contributing to committees and giving career guidance to youth in the rural / peri-rural communities.


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