• In keeping with the spirit of the PAICTA Code of Professional Conduct, I hereby attest that all information presented on this form is correct and complete, and that action can be taken against me if this is not the case.
  • I acknowledge that PAICTA may require further proof of accreditation or qualification or company experience from me if needed, including an interview and/or site visit.
  • As a professional member of the PAICTA, I hereby agree to abide by the principles and objectives of the association as prescribed by PAICTA and complete the required forms as and when received from PAICTA.
  • I agree to pay the annual fees & renewal fees thereafter.
  • I will update PAICTA of all changes to my address / company address, employment status / completion of education, and other personal contact details.
  • I agree that my names, designation and date, and status of registration will be available on the PAICTA website and database for verification by interested members of the public, including the present and future employers and stakeholders.
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