Membership is open to all Corporates that believe and subscribes to PAICTA values, support youth development in  the African continent. We give you access to our support programmes ecosystem, members only community networks, our digital platform & preferential rates in our events (visual or physical) in the African continent.


  • Appoint 5 representatives from the company to benefit from individual membership.
  • Partnership with an organization that is dedicated to the development of Youth in digital leadership, and which is at the forefront of advancing socio-economic transformation.
  • Partner with PAICTA in projects and programs that are of strategic importance to PAICTA and the ecosystem / communities that we are part of;
  • An opportunity to assist your company on digital transformation matters through the PAICTA advisory services.
  • An opportunity to engage with other corporate members on issues of 4IR, digital transformation and empowerment through PAICTA’s stakeholder engagement.
  • An opportunity to display your company logo on PAICTA website, Logo on the Tech Power Talk jingle every Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Participating on weekly digital conversations
  • Networking Opportunities – offers both free or discounted networking and professional development events that you can attend, which will be useful for making new contacts and learning more about what’s happening in the sector. Seminars, expos, and conferences also offer excellent networking and research opportunities with other industry practitioners and PAICTA members at all levels of executive management. If you wish to raise your profile, you can volunteer to join committees and help organise events.
  • Marketing Opportunities – offers an opportunity for corporate members to expose their work, products, services, or portfolios, through various channels such as its social platforms, membership database and publications. So, if you are working on something you may find other like-minded professionals to collaborate with in the African Continent or find clients interested in your products or services.
  • Career Development – PAICTA offers career development programmes, training courses, Masterclasses, and assessments for your employees.
  • Information & Advice – PAICTA offers access to industry news, surveys, reports, updates, newsletters, career information, jobs, and details of events.
  • Participate in a variety of events and forums and create strategic and highly effective networks that include CIO’s / CTO’s, Academia (Professors & Doctors). Among these events are:
    • Half yearly Executive Breakfast
    • Annual Conference
    • Conversations with CIO’s / CTO’s
  • An opportunity to purchase PAICTA branded corporate merchandise at a discounted rate.
  • Corporate Membership certificate (optional).




    • Must be a registered company/organisation.
    • Company/Organisation has to subscribe to the values of PAICTA.


    • ICT Research
    • Monitoring and advisory
    • IT Governance

Anual Membership Fee: R150 000 (VAT Exclusive).

Please click on the download button below to get a corporate form and fill it. When you done come back on this page and fill the information required below and upload your filled corporate form.

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