The PAICTA youth chapter is about developing youth to evolve as future leaders of society in the digital era by equipping them with skills, resources and networking opportunities for them to grow individually and collectively, in respect for the law, discipline, civic sense and building sustainable knowledge          and support systems for the youth to reach their full potential.

PAICTA has taken initiative to establish a youth chapter that will focus primarily on bridging the digital divide to improve the participation of young people         in the digital economy by exposing them to opportunities for the fourth industrial revolution in Africa and for Africa.

This chapter will serve as a platform for the youth to learn both technical and non-technical digital skills, and gain access to resources both financial and non-financial which will assist them to succeed in participating in the growth of the economy.

YiDE Objectives

      • Bridge the digital divide for the youth in Africa.
      • Advocacy for the inclusion of all youth to actively participate in the digital era.
      • Advocacy for the inclusion of the youth in strategic economic projects within the ICT industry.
      • Expose young people with an interest in ICT to opportunities through the establishment of digital innovation factories in Africa.
      • Providing technical and non-technical digital skills for the youth.
      • Support youth-owned SMEs in ICT.
      • Develop a mentorship and coaching programme. 
      • Establish a presence of PAICTA in universities, workplaces, and communities in various parts of Africa.
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