To create an integrated and inclusive digital society and economy in Africa that improves the quality of life of African citizens through enhanced communities, technology innovation and digital transformation.


  • “Champion for enabling environment for Africa digital innovation, IP commercialization, digital transformation and economic emancipation.”
  • A unified voice, advocating Africa’s socio-economic development and sustainability;
  • Fostering digital inclusion, collaboration and increased cooperation in the digital eco-system through Africa digital transformation.
  • Catalyzing responsible research for an innovation powerhouse of the future. 


PAICTA is an organization whose mandate/purpose seeks to act as a digital-transformative body in the interest of:

    • Communities,
    • ICT Innovation Hubs,
    • SME Development & Sustainability,
    • Women, Youth & Persons with Disabilities

through meaningful professional engagement with their respective governments, corporates, multinationals, public, private organisations and the African Union.

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