At PAICTA, we facilitate a variety of internship programmes where interns are placed and trained on both Software development, networking and Cybersecurity, under strict, yet exciting with experienced supervision for mentoring. Most of the training will be online with scheduled face to face practical sessions within the selected province. Interns will be deployed to different PAICTA partners for practical experience during the internship.
This internship is for a period of 12 months with a number of defined, lined up rigorous activities.

Internship Purpose

The purpose of the internship is to:

    • Provide and capacitate internship participants in a number of IT skills such as: software development, mobile application development, networking, cybersecurity and IT Support;
    • Promote understanding of challenges facing the selected Municipality and its surroundings through community engagements and co-designing solutions with key stakeholders;
    • Educate and apply the 4IR and emerging technologies selected communities;
    • Develop and design applications, digital solutions and support the IT solutions;
    • Connect remote areas and those without internet;
    • Participate in digital transformation activities such as IT hackathons and competitions;
    • Research and identify challenges and gaps within selected communities that could be solved by digital solutions;
    • Monitor and evaluate through engaged communities’ feedback;
    • Report writing and entrepreneurship skills;
    • Empower and Train all participants (Online) and having practical sessions on 4IR courses (Cybersecurity, Programming (Python, C++, R programming), Robotics, Data Science, IoT, Networking – CISCO Technologies, WatchGuard Technologies, Hpe Technologies, Social Media platforms, Entrepreneurship)
    • Offer online learning of 4IR related skills through self-phased or instructor led sessions.
    • Host webinars and hackathons for participants and among the participants
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