Mr. Sonwabo Mdwaba

Pan African Information Communication Technology Association (“PAICTA”) advocates for Africa’s ICT SMEs, Youth, Women, People with Disabilities, growth, and economic development by fostering their digital inclusion, collaboration, and increased co-operation in the ICT digital ecosystem throughout Africa. Having a socio-economic impact on the communities that are the foundation of the organization’s existence.

This can only be achieved through an open and inclusive ICT digital economy that welcomes innovative small business entrepreneurs, digital solution innovators and application developers as part of the tech business ecosystem.

PAICTA seeks to act as a digital-transformative body in the interest of the “African Child” in the ICT sector through meaningful engagement with their respective governments, corporate bodies, multinationals, private organizations, and the African Union.

As a transformational organization, we align with digital transformation bodies. Which aim to address the imbalances, inequality, and digital skills gap in the African continent, and strive to ensure equity through digital socio-economic transformation.

PAICTA in its DNA advocates for bespoke collaboration and transformation – driving African digital equity, through ensuring an enabling environment for innovation, entrepreneurship, assisting in closing the digital gap, offering digital skill courses to close the digital gap, between the rural, Peri-rural and the urban African child in our continent.

As the President of PAICTA, I will always ensure that the organization lives to achieve its Vision, Mission, and Mandate, while achieving its Strategic Objectives, and having Faith that it will live to its core Values.

Faith – “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” ~Hebrews 11:1

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”― Maya Angelou


Founder and Pan African Continental Secretary General

Ms. Dimpho Mdwaba

As a community-driven organisation, PAICTA, together with its passionate and committed advisors have, and continue to advance the interests of the communities we serve.

PAICTA’s success in creating a lasting impact in the lives of the youth across multiple African countries, speaks to the heartbeat of our mandate – creating an inclusive digital society, and fostering the inclusion of the African Child in said society.

From our many digital events, initiatives and partnerships with organisations in the corporate, academic and public sector across multiple spheres – we have been made strides to fulfilling our mandate and are humbled to have the opportunity to truly change the lives of our communities through ICT.

African Child, the best is yet to come.

Board Advisory

The African continent is rich of ideas, innovation and on the other has many challenges. The migration of many Africans to the developed world where they perform very well implies that Africans can still make a huge difference if the continent can keep and equip its citizens. The Pan African Information Communication Technology Association (PAICTA) believes that the unique challenges faced by African countries require a collaborative effort by our nations, that prioritises a transformative agenda dedicated to bridging the digital divide and ensuring that the continent derives sustainable benefit from digital innovation. PAICTA has established critical partnerships to build a knowledge base and capacity within the region. Since its formation, PAICTA has made efforts to close the gap between the region and bringing key stakeholders together through hackathons, webinars and social media platforms. The voice of African experts is now heard on the PAICTA radio channel and digital platforms.

From the PAICTA advisory point of view, it has been an eye opener that there are African experts and youth who have passion to see this continent develop own digital solutions to address African problems. Through technology and appropriate digital solutions, Africa has an opportunity to bridge the digital divide and become one. We have witnessed African youth from all corners of the continent developing solutions in health, agriculture and education to improve service delivery.
PAICTA has been knocking at African universities engaging professors, researchers, students and administrators all in the name of educational transformation through research output commercialisation, internships and work related learning. PAICTA has been engaging public sector through different local municipalities and government departments to transform the government services. The private sector is approached to cement digital transformation partnerships. Schools, rural communities, previously disadvantaged communities have been approach all in the name of digital transformation. The youth, women, service providers and digital experts have been reached in order to improve digital skills.
In PAICTA’s vision, we are witnessing the one Africa, the harambee among all stakeholders and digital up-skilling of previously disadvantaged communities. PAICTA is an innovative hub for the African child and shall bring many innovative solutions that solve many challenges we have. Our message to PAICTA is that keep knocking at all doors, go to all parts of Africa, work and engage with those who share the same vision and make a huge difference in digital transformation when given that opportunity.

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