Pan African Information Communication  Technology Association (“PAICTA”) is inspired by the pan-africanism movement of bringing Africans to work together. It is an organization that advocates for SME’s, young people, women, and people with disabilities by creating an integrated and inclusive society through integrated digital platforms. It aspires to help improve the quality of life for African citizens through enhanced communities, technology innovation, and digital transformation.

A brief history of PAICTA

In July 2020, during the disruption of the covid-19 pandemic, PAICTA was established with the mandate of addressing the digital challenges faced by SME’s, youth, women, and persons with disability. PAICTA aims to contribute towards a transformed digital economy led by African youth-owned, empowered women, people with disabilities, and SME’s that will eradicate poverty through the availability of jobs and technology innovation.

The organization has different programs that serve as a platform to inform, develop and create opportunities for Africans in the digital innovation space. It caters to minorities across the African continent and seeks to close the digital gap in disadvantaged communities by partnering with institutions, the government, and the private sector.

PAICTA has different programs that allow African citizens to showcase and develop their skill sets such as Hackathons and the 4IR courses amongst others.

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